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If you live within a 30-mile radius of my hometown of Willard, there are no travel charges so towns like Mansfield, Sandusky, Tiffin, Ashland, Galion, etc. are free of travel charges.  For cities outside that 30-mile radius there is a $1.00 per mile.


First Class DJ

Dancing on a cloud effect $300

A low-laying fog covers the dance floor area during the bride and groom dance and looks fantastic in photos and videos.  It's also a cool effect for those "Thriller" dancers.

Uplighting $300

Columns of colored lights surround the room which can be done in a static color or slowly changing colors.  Uplighting creates a room filled with elegance and a touch of class with up to 20 light fixtures. These photos are an example of the dramatic change that lighting can have at your venue.

First Class DJ
First Class DJ

Wedding Ceremony Sound Package $200

You get 30 minutes of music before the ceremony starts as your guests are arriving, followed by a processional song as the bride walks down the aisle, a wireless microphone for the Officiant to use so all the guests can hear everything and a recessional song at the end of the ceremony.  What makes this package so nice compared to other DJs is both speakers are wireless and they are placed far apart in front of the guests to easily hear everything without showing up in all the wedding pictures. As for me, I'll be located behind the guests as I keep the volume of everything properly adjusted.  This package can also be used as a second sound system if you need DJ music playing in 2 seperate rooms.

First Class DJ

Followspot $150

Puts the couple truly in the spot light on their first dance as a married couple and can also be used on the grand entrance.

Monogram Projection $150

Having your monogram projected on a wall or dance floor is just another way of taking your reception to the next level in class as seen in this example with uplighting on the sides.

First Class DJ
First Class DJ

Pyro Grand Entrance $100

Make a grand entrance with fake flames shooting up on both sides of the doorway.

Pin Spot Lighting $100

Up to 6 pin spot lights to highlight the wedding cake, card table etc.

First Class DJ
First Class DJ

Confetti Canon $100

Tons of confetti blasted in the air looks fantastic but makes a mess for you to clean up after the party.

Karaoke $50

Impress your friends with your vocal abilities with your selections from over 70,000 karaoke songs.

First Class DJ
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