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Silver Package

Silver Package


The Silver Package is for up to 4 hours of entertainment.  It has a single 43" video screen mounted about chest high.  This pacakge is very elegant being mostly all white.  There is dance floor lighting as well as a wireless microphone for dinner prayer and toasts.  I'll be making all the announcements during the evening from announcing the bridal party at the beginning thru thanking everyone for coming out to help celebrate your special day.  This is available at a reduced price of $400 on Sunday thru Friday.  If you need more then 4 hours because the guests are still having a great time, it's $100 for each additional hour.


All packages require a $100 deposit with the signed contract and balance is due at the event!

Gold Package


The Gold Package is for up to 6 hours of entertainment and is for indoor functions only.  It includes dual 43" video screens to display the over 29,000 music videos I have on hand later in the evening as well as over 95,000 music audio file. It also has a really nice dance floor lighting system, a haze machine to show off the light beams and even a bubble machine which looks awesome in photos as well as the kids loving them.  The speakers in the photo have now been replaced with Bose top of the line speakers which put out a premium sound throughout the entire room.  No matter where your guests are located in the room, the sound quality will be the same.  These speakers cost over $5,000.  Quality costs money.  You also get glow sticks that are tossed out on the dance floor once the party kicks into gear.  You can get this package at the reduced price of $600 for 4 hours on Sunday thru Friday.  If you need the party to go longer then the package time you can have it for $100 for each additional hour.

Silver Package

The Silver Package is $500 for up to 4 hours on Saturdays.  This is a one of a kind all white system.  The center panel slowly changes colors.  It has a 43" video screen for music videos as well as some basic dance floor lighting.  Simple and very elegant.  You can keep the party going after the 4 hour package for $100 for each additional hour.


Bronze Package
D.I.Y. Rental System

Are you looking to save money at your event or are you one of those people that feel they know what songs to play better then a professional D.J. with over 25 years of experience can?  Well this package is for you.  It has all the bells and whistles and in many ways is better then what many DJ's have system wise.  This has been designed for extremely fast and easy set up and operation.  This is a touch screen system but it also has a wireless keyboard/mouse for easier operation.  It has lighting on both the front and back for the dance floor as well as the wall the system is set up by.  You also get a projector to display the music videos and karaoke lyrics if you choose to run karaoke.  This system has a 5 TB hard drive packed full with DJ music, karaoke songs and music videos all the way up to 2023.  Don't let the size of those speakers fool you.  They are 2,000 watts of audio power each.  You also get a wireless microphone for announcements, singing, and at weddings to be used for toasts and dinner prayer etc.  You also get the table and table skirt to help hide the wires and the speaker stands for the speakers which also have lights in them.  The scrolling LED sign will be programed with what ever message you need if this is a Birthday Party, Class Reunion, Wedding etc.  There is premixed instrumental music for formal events that can be played as guests arrive and during dinner.  There are files to make song selection easier classified as Top 100 - 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's, Top 200 most requested songs, Top 100 Country etc.  You just click and drag the songs you want to play into the play window and click on auto mix and the songs will play in the order they are in the window mixing one song into another just like a real DJ.  You can easily put the songs in any order you'd like to hear them.  This can pretty much be a set it and forget it system if you don't do karaoke.  With karaoke, you'll have to call up each singer, adjust the volume of the mics for each singer etc.  This 24 hour rental is only $300.  Just arrive at my place the day of pick up where I'll show you how to set things up and run the system.  Take it to your event and set it up and run it for as long as you need to and return it the next day around the same time you picked it up the day before.  A $100 non refundable deposit is required to reserve the package and the balance of $200 is due at the time of pickup.  You'll need to bring your driver's license for verification at the time of pickup.

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