DJ Sandusky Ohio
DJ Willard Ohio
First Class DJ Sandusky & Willard Ohio
What sets "FIRST CLASS D.J. SERVICE" apart from other D.J.s?
It's "PRIDE"!! Plain and simple pride!

The pride I take in giving you the best sound & lighting that your budget will allow!

The pride in playing a variety of music so all your guests will be happy and dancing!

The pride in keeping my music up to date with the latest hits in all styles of songs!

The pride I have in keeping things flowing at your party during the show!
The picture above is my best system. It's pretty awesome wouldn't you agree.
Would you like to have AC/DC, Jason Aldean & Pitbull perform at your event?
I can arrange that with my music video system with over 29,000 music videos
displayed on the dual 55 inch screens. The system above has the best speakers
that money can buy, "BOSE", as well as dance floor light show that is one of a
kind. Your guests will be talking for years to come about what an awesome time
they had that night, and it will all be documented on the 2 hours of video that I
will be recording to a DVD that I'll mail to you a few days after the event. Click
on the price button at the top of this page to see which system fits into your
entertainment budget.
OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS!" Joshua & Melissa
                                                                                                      "YOU MADE OUR WEDDING SPECIAL &
                                                                                                        FUN!" Andi & Don
                                                                                                      "THE RECEPTION WAS A BLAST!"
                                                                                                        Jill & Jason
Hi, I'm Mark Schwenn, the owner. I realize that this may very well be
the first time you've hired a D.J.. Even if you decide to hire another
D.J., reading this web site will educate you on what to look for and
ask, when you are checking out other D.J.s! There is much to see
and read, so ya might want to grab something cool to drink and
prepare to be entertained and become well informed on what I have
to offer and what your hard earned money will be going towards. As
you'll see from all that is in this web site, I know a lot about the
business and have tons of experience in the field. Be sure to click on
all the buttons at the top of this page and I'm sure all your questions
will be answered.