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Experience at nearly 400 wedding receptions.

Offering D.J., Karaoke, Music Videos,
Photo Booth, Dance Floor Lighting, Wedding
Ceremony Sound System, Uplighting, Followspot, Monogram Projection, Dancing on a
Cloud Effect, Lighting of Table Centerpieces and Wedding Cake, Confetti Launcher, Trivia
Game Shows & Children's Bubble Parties!
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Yes this web site is large but that's because I have so much to offer in both equipment and
experience that I just want to show it all to everyone.  So with that in mind, just think of

how much effort I will spend on your party, to make it a special and memorable one!
Hi, I'm Mark Schwenn, the owner.  I realize that this may very well be the first time
you've hired a D.J.. Even if you decide to hire another D.J., reading this web site will
educate you on what to look for and ask
when you are checking out other D.J.s!  There
is much to see and read, so ya might want to grab something cool to drink and prepare
to be entertained and become well informed on what I have to offer and what your hard
earned money will be going towards.  As you'll see from all that is in this web site
, I
know a lot about the business and have tons of experience in the field.  Be sure to click
on all the buttons at the top of this page and I'm sure all your questions will be
answered.  This web site has been a lot of hard work to make it the most informative
D.J. web site out on the net, so please sign my guest book, after you've checked out my
web site, and let me know what you think of it!!
It's amazing how many people call me and the first question out of their mouth is:  "What are your prices?"
I totally understand this,  so here they are ($100, $150, $200, $300, $400, $695, $1,200, $1,500, & $1,700, $2,400).
That really doesn't say much does it.  You don't know yet what you are getting at the different prices.

Shopping for a D.J. isn't something you can do on price alone.  No two D.J.s have exactly the same thing to
offer you.  It's not like shopping for a Ford Focus with the same color and options
at every car dealership,
and getting the best price.  There is a reason for that D.J. that charges only $200 to do a wedding, or even
those that will do it just for free drinks. There's nothing like having a totally drunk D.J. ruin your party.
Poor quality equipment, illegally obtained music and very little experience at a formal affair are just some
of the reasons for price differences. Come to think about it, I get at least 2 phone calls every year from an
upset bride a week before her reception.  She's scrambling to find a D.J., because the one she thought she

had has canceled out on her at the last moment.  Many times the D.J. was a friend of the family and chances
are he was going to do it for free, or at a much reduced rate, but when he got a call from another bride, who

was going to pay money or pay more than the other bride he canceled out of the previous engagement.  
That's the difference between a "amateur" and a "professional". It's just another example of that old
When you're spending hundreds of dollars for a hall, hundreds on the brides dress,
and thousands on the food, you don't want to cut corners on the only thing that will provide your guests with
a great time and keep them at your party and give them enjoyable memories for years to come.   I've even
had people that have said, "We don't need any lights".   That's a big mistake, unless you're asking me to do
an outside show in the daytime, or a funeral!!  How much fun do you have listening to the radio in your car,
compared to going to a live concert somewhere?  There's a big difference in the energy level and much of

that has to do with the visual aspect, which is caused by the lighting effects.  Sound quality is another thing
that makes the difference.  Compare the sound of a cheap boom box to a band performing live. You need a
sound system to get the warmth and low end to fill the space of a big hall.  Speakers that are
cracking, due to a small power amp being overdriven, is tiresome on the ears and the brittle high end will not
get your guests on the dance floor, and excessive low end will actually give your guests diarrhea - proven fact,
honestly.  If you think prices for a D.J. are high, you have to take into consideration the non-stop expense of
keeping the music current, the repairs and moder
nization of sound and lighting equipment and the 2 - 5
hours of set up and 1 1/2 hours of break down time, as well as the time to drive to your reception hall and
the 6 hours of non stop music being provided.  That's usually a 12 to 13 hour day for me.
I am one of the areas few full time professional D.Js!  I've been D.J.'n for 20 years and have made my entire
living as a D.J. for 19 years!  Keeping my show the largest around is a full time job and a job I love doing.  
Since I do this full time that means my ability as a D.J. is always on top. You know how it is when you go on a
vacation for a couple of weeks, then come back to work and it takes you a couple of days to get back into the
swing of things? Well, you don't want some person D.J.'n your event that doesn't get into the swing of things
until after the show is over do you? That's why you don't want some part timer weekend hobby D.J. doing

your expensive event.  While a part time D.J. can be fine for hog roasts and a bar, it takes a lot of knowledge
and experience to handle a formal affair, with hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds in attendance.
There's so much more to being a D.J. than just pressing a play button!!

I do nearly 100 shows a year in
clubs & weddings, so I have to have the music that gets the crowd up and
dancing and I know how to "read" the crowd, to keep them on the floor, if they want to dance.  Being a D.J.

for parties is very different from being a radio D.J.  As a radio D.J. you never see your listeners, so you
never learn to "READ THE CROWD",  plus most of the music on the radio is "NOT DANCE ORIENTED
MUSIC".  I'm lucky if 3 songs, out of the 200 new songs I get each month, are songs that will get people on

the dance floor. After all, isn't that the name of the game....getting your guests of all ages on the dance floor,
having a great time? I won't embarrass your guests by physically going out into the audience and pulling up
unwilling people onto the dance floor. Not everyone's a dancer....I'm not....and I wouldn't appreciate that

being done to me.  I will not be wearing dorky hats.  I can't believe someone would think that as being
10. Experience at almost 400 wedding receptions since 1996.

9. See the actual performers of the songs on the video screens - your guests will be truly entertained from

my ever growing cache of 20,000 music videos that I have on hand to play, as well as various jokes being
streamed across the TV screens.

8. Free video recording, of up to 2 hours of the highlights of your party, when you book my Gold & Platinum

7. I use UHF frequency cordless microphones, that the pros use, for less static and voice drops outs.  Most
other D.J.'s use the older / cheaper VHF microphones.

6. I only use odorless "HAZE" machines for fogging.  While these cost $400, they won't leave your guests

with burning eyes and gagging, on the thick smoke and odor that the cheap $50 "FOG" machines put out
at other D.J.'s use.

5. There is no extra charge for a light show, cordless microphones, or karaoke if you want it, and my prices

are for up to 6 hours, on Saturday shows, with my Silver, Gold and Platinum Systems.

4. All sound & lighting equipment is professional, high end gear.  No stuff available at Radio Shack,

Walmart, or Spencers.

3. I'm a full time, professional D.J. and have been in business since 1996 and it's all I do for a living, so you
know I'm good when I can make a living at it.

2. I'm well groomed and attired.  I won't be doing your party smelling of B.O. and bad breath, while wearing
some stained up shirt / shorts / and sandals.  A tuxedo shirt and vest is standard attire for me at weddings.

1. My web site shows everything.  You'll find most other D.J.s won't have a web site and those that do

won't even post a picture of themselves or pictures of their D.J. system. They won't have prices listed, no
list of songs they have to play. They'll just say they are "professional" and have "professional equipment"
but a picture is worth a thousand words, so don't you want to see an actual photograph at least of what it is
you are paying for that will be at your party, instead of internet pictures of a packed dance floor they
acquired from google images?  When other D.J.s don't or can't, supply you with all this information about
it should kind of make you wonder how credible any of  their claims may be without visible
The picture above is my best system.  It's pretty awesome wouldn't you say.
Would you like to have AC/DC, Jason Aldean & Pitbull perform at your next party?
I can arrange that with my music video system with over 20,000 music videos.
The system above has the best speakers that money can buy, "BOSE", as well as dance floor
lighting that will have your guests talking for years to come about what an awesome time they
had that night, and it will all be documented on the 2 hours of video that I will be recording
to a DVD that I'll mail to you, a few days after the event.  Click on the price button at the top
of this page to see which system fits into your entertainment budget.
What sets "FIRST CLASS D.J. SERVICES" apart from other D.J.s?
It's "PRIDE"!!  Plain and simple pride!

The pride I take in giving you the best sound & lighting that your budget will allow!

The pride in playing a variety of music so all your guests will be happy and dancing!

The pride in keeping my music up to date with the latest hits in all styles of songs!

The pride I have in keeping things flowing, at your party, during the show!
Now accepting VISA & MASTERCARD for payments in full at the
time of booking over the phone on my Silver and Gold & Platinum
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First Class DJ Sandusky & Willard Ohio